Lightme - Lightmeter is a clean, simple to use yet very powerful lightmeter.

It is optimised for an easy one-handed use, both for left-handed and right-handed users, with the main controls within your thumb's reach, without the fatiguing juggling of your precious smartphone.

A core distinguishing feature of Lightme - Lightmeter is that - differently from most of the other apps - it can show multiple combinations of valid settings for aperture and shutterspeed at the same time by working like a - stretched out - old needle and wheel lightmeter. This allows the user to quickly pick the desired settings without having to scroll on a tiny wheel picker.

The app is designed to be welcoming to people who are just starting out, with a simple one-button use. But it offers many useful and advanced features for the more experienced shooters/users:
It also includes some other features that are enjoyable by any kind of user:
You can find even more info in the tips inside the app or you can have a look at full user manual by tapping on manual (in the settings)

The app is free in all its many functionalities, but it offers In-App-Purchases in order to support the project.

The only minor perk you can enable only via certain IAPs is the replacement of the Ad button with a label containing the name of your current preset, check under settings -> coffee for more info.

Don't panic though, even if there's an Ad button it doesn't mean I'm going to show you ads. In fact unless you decide to tap on that button I'm never going to show you any. But if you have a few minutes to spare, watching a few of them sure helps keeping this project alive :)

Try it, and, if you like it, share it with your friends and consider writing a (mini) review ;)

Have a nice day, and good light!

Giuseppe Bertolini
Lightme - Logbook is a clean and powerful tool to record and keep track of your rolls and shots, as well as other gear and consumables that revolves around the process of shooting and developing film.

The aim of the project is to build something beautiful, yet very functional and immediate, with the goal of both reducing the effort taken to record each shot/roll as well as allowing a sufficient level of flexibility and covering various scenarios.

The app will offer a few key features, together with the main logging activity you may expect from a digital logbook: